Thursday, October 23, 2008

Running and Weight

Today theme is from the runners lounge.
The weight is always an issue between runners. For me is too. My Ideal weight or the least that I have been able to weight is between 165 - 167 with a body fat of 9%. Having and maintaining this weight is hard specially on the off season. The way I maintain the weight is making sure I burn a 1000 calories each day for 5 to 6 days a week. In terms of eating I try to only eat red meat and saturated fats once or twice a week. Thats on the season. On winter or the off season is really hard to maintain weight. So I watch what I eat basically all the time except on Christmas. What I try to do is the days after I eat a lot I try to go for an hour run work out and try to burn as much calories as possible. So basically watch what you eat and cut the unwanted fats.
I terms of performance my weight have been questionable because 2 out of my 5 pr in the main distances are have been heavy.
5k = 20:45 weight 165 2005
10k= 43:30 weight 171 2006
10 mile= 1:16:45 weight 165 2007
1/2 marathon= 1:40:37 weight 165 2007
Marathon= 3:55:56 weight 171 2003
So basically the weight is an issue but is not a fact that it will affect your performance.
As I write, I am preparing for NYC Marathon my current weight is 166 base on that I should have a good race.
One more thing is that loosing weight takes time evenly 5 pounds take some time a month and a 1/2 or 2 month So be patient.

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Rainmaker said...

Good post. I hear ya - maintaining the right weight especially as first when tri season dies down, and then again post the major portion of running season can be tough.