Friday, October 10, 2008

Baltimore 1/2 Marathon plus 7 or 8

Tomorrow I ll be heading to Baltimore for their runner festival. I ll be doing the 1/2 marathon + a warm up of 7 or 8 miles. Just like last week before the army 10 miler last weekend. I did this race last year and I am coming back this year because the people at Baltimore do a great job on putting the race together. Is fun well organized not as big as other races but not small either. You can watch the hole city running and looking the diverse communities at the city. Last year I posted a 1:40:38. I would love to break that but since this is not my goal race or A race I won't be disappointed. Now that the tri season is over, I hope everybody is doing something so you don't lose the fitness level that had be aquifer in the 8 last month. Don't forget that Kona is tomorrow and you can watch it life at

Enjoy the long Kona weekend.

I am piking Maca Crawie and Faris , Womens Chrissie Wellington and the rest

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Rainmaker said...

Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy the course, I love it.