Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend = traning training

I am doing a crazy training training for both an Olympic tri and the NYC Marathon. So I have been going really hard and I think it has helped me a lot as of today I am feeling great. So for the weekend I will be doing more of the same. A 20 miler tomorrow and a 60 miler on the bike on Sunday. Plus swimming. Sounds good. Also I have plans to attend on Sunday to the nations tri to cheer for a the participants. So good luck to everybody who is doing it.
The tri season is coming to an end. So enjoy the last few weekend of racing later I will have a recap of how my season have been but I want to wait for my last 2 tri before that. In the mean time enjoy it.
Take care and have a great weekend to all of those of you who are racing

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Rainmaker said...

Overlapping Marathon and Tri training is always fun.

Hope to see ya out there!