Monday, September 15, 2008

A great trainning weekend

On Saturday I went for my first really long run in like more than 4 years. I define a really long run anything above 16 miles. The conditions were brutal 80 and 95% of humidity. So having this condition I decided forget about the time just complete the distance. That was exactly what I did. I went out and just run with out any type of worry. When I hit mile 16th my body started to feel it. Thanks to my moving oasis aka my girl friend doing her bike training she was in the places at the exact time with the water and the accelerate. As I said when I hit mile 16 I just survive the next 3 miles and complete 19 miles in 2:59:00. My plan was to do 20 but the track were I like to do the last miles of my runs was close in the side that I normally enter. I thought the track was close and just run home. The thought was that I was so tier and didn't look to see if the other side was open. It was open so my bad.

After that long run we went the nations tri expo and hangout for 2 hours and then went to eat at a good Tai place on Chinatown.

On Sunday I bike 51 miles on another really hot humid day. I was tier from the day before so It was a slow ride. After that we went to the nations tri finishing line and hang out for a while. Then we went to a local running store and got some tri outfits that were on sale.

The weekend was active and the same really demanding. This mourning it was really hard for me to get out of bed.

This week is more training in preparation for the race on the 28th

Congratulation to all my fellow blogger that raced this weekend.


Rainmaker said...

Too bad we didn't run into each other at the finish area. Nicely done though on the workouts on hot days!

TriT said...

Yay for the looooong run! Good for you! And yes, it is so humid and hot here too, makes it extra difficult to train in. Glad the weekend went well :)