Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's wrong with you people

On Monday Wall street collapse do to the Lehman bank bankruptcy. Yesterday the fed save AIG of the same thing. 2 weeks ago the fed save Fannie and Freddy. The house price are dropping like a bomb. Also the oil too. (but thats good. The eastern part of Texas is a disaster do to Ike. The wars at Irak and Afghanistan are out of control. The US is messing around in Bolivia and Venezuela and all the south American countries trying to create conflicts in their government. The US embassy at Yemen was attack this mourning. The USA might have a president that wont last a year and the vice president who will become president if the above happens is worst than dumb and dumber. But for many of the people around the new facebook look and how they don't like it is more important to them that them that the election, Texas, war ect.

Well all this symptoms means only 1 thing that collapse of the empire is coming. When the population of a country is more aware of facebook or the football season collage or pro doesn't make a difference. In stead of trying think and do something about what direction the USA is going. There is a problem.

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Allistar:) said...

Hmm I agree totally just like we were saying all this time, you cant say it better, It wont matter to people unless it affects them personally in some type of way. Like when they are going to buy a house and they cant but it even if they have good credit that sounds like it could be a problem. It really will not take into effect to years to come and then you will see the effect this is just another touch.:) Nos vemos en casa Te quiero