Friday, September 12, 2008

The other 9/11

Seems that yesterday the press only care about the people that was kill 7 years ago by the Taliban regimen. But what about the the hundreds that the US kill 35 years ago at Chile. I think nobody cares here how bad the US have been in other parts of the world.

On September 11 1973 a coup to Chile's President at the time Salvador Allende happened. It was made by Chilenian Navy Backed up by the USA. All this happened because Allende won the election in a democratic way and the USA didn't agree with his views (Socialism!!!!!). So President Nixon baked the Operation saying

"We can not have any more socialism government In our own a backyard"

Months before the operation CIA agents participated in meetings for the creation of groups to try to interfier with government.
A lot of people were killed that day all union leaders in the rural area students and journalist. All of them were identified as Socialist.

Hopefully some remember those people too.

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