Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Recap; finding motivation

After running 21 miles on Saturday. Sunday I was tired I was suppose to put at least 40 miles on the bike. To be honest I didn't have the motivation. So when you don't have motivation you look for it. My girlfriend got invited to the redskins game it was for free so tickets were only for her. She went to the game and I went to the capital criterium. It was bike race being held at DC for the first time. As many other races in the city the crowd were not that good. So I was able to walk around and watch the race form different angles. The course was really technical and not as easy at it seem. I saw my great bike fitter Scot with his family. We watch the race together and he explain to me techniques of pro bike racing. I was amazed with all the stuff that you can watch and learn when you watch this life and in person. After watching the race I return home got in to my bike and went for a good 32 miles ride at at a decent average of around 18 miles per hour on a hilly course. I found my motivation but I left my Accelarade at home so after mile 28 I was feeling it and had to return home totally burn out. I think it was a great ride for me and the best thing is I find the motivation needed to complete the training.
As for this week tapper for my racing on Sunday. So I am cutting much of my training and do some short intensity.
Hope everybody have a great week.

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Rainmaker said...

I was hoping to get out there for that, but ended up doing other stuff instead. Glad to hear it went well.