Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to the addiction

I am not a fan of tv or series. In fact I rarely watch tv, not even the news. What I watch is any soccer basketball volleyball game that I found or wrestling. How ever in 2006 I was introduce this show that at the beginning I found weird and now interesting. But the episodes passed and I continue to watch it with out having many clues. Then the season 1 came on DVD and I bought to see if I can understand it. I put the pieces together and I began to understand it. When season 2 started I became a addicted to it and began watching season 1 again. Season 2 was short do the editors strike last year. But finally Season 3 began last night and my addiction is back. Its started with 2 episodes with a lot of action. So hopefully you know what I am talking about. Just in case here is a clue.

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