Friday, September 26, 2008

Race weekend for me not

Ok first It was Hanna canceling a race now I got an infection on my groin area due to a butt bump that I got on Monday.The butt bump turns really big on Tuesday and on Wednesday I couldn't sit. Went to the doctor today and told me I have a staph infection in the groin thighs & butt area. The doc said no training or racing for a week.So just like that my race for this weekend is cancel and the ones on next weekend are on jeopardy. I am a little bit disappointed with this because I rarely get sick. But in the last 2 years a lot of random stuff have happened to me. Examples are infected nails or bees on the floor while I walk on the beach barefoot.
So I basically haven't been able to train since Tuesday and now I ll be at least another week. Sad hopefully i ll be ready for next weekend and hope I can resume training for NYC marathon.
Hope Everybody racing this weekend have a great time.


Shannon said...

Rest up, you've got butt bumps, I have clickity knees.....

Feel better.

TriT said...

Sorry to hear!! Hopefully that will be better soon and you can get back at it :)

Have a great weekend :)