Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Race week

After a great training weekend race week have arrive so that mean taper and don’t over eat. My training is reduce this week so I won’t be doing much at all. Today 15 miles on the bike and a quick swim of may be 1000 – 1500 that’s it. Tomorrow a short run early in the mourning and then begin packing. I’ll be getting there Thursday night to rest and have everything set on Friday and be ready for the big day on Saturday. I am not expecting everything jet until I see how the Hanna plans to affect the race, hope fully she show up when I am on the run part.

In other news September is here that means 1 month of hot weather hopefully more. Then the falls begins. I enjoy the hot weather and the long days that is hard for me to accept that is coming to the end. So enjoy September a lot before the cold arrives.

If anyone wants to do an iron man in the USA the Kentucky on is open is my dream to do but I am thinking about it.

That’s all for today

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Rainmaker said...

Yeah, this is not at all boding well for this weekend. :(