Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hanna Update

Hanna doesn’t want to leave from the north coast of Haiti. So the latest forecast says it will be making land fall on South Carolina on Saturday mourning. South Carolina is 325 miles south of the race venue. The extension of the system surrounding the eye is only about 45 to 50 miles. So base on my experience following Hurricanes the race on Saturday will be hot and humid at least till 1 pm. So bring the race because Hanna wont stop it.

About training yes I am tapper yester day only bike 13 mile with a few spins and swim a 1200 meters. Today resting and watching DC united game.

PS I don’t have any studies in meteorology or anything like that my assumptions are base on experience watching all the weather forecaster having it wrong every time and growing up on a tropical Island

1 comment:

Tri*22 said...

Hoping that this storm holds out at least until after the race!

Fingers crossed :)