Saturday, August 30, 2008

The tight man or Mr short hamstrings

Yesterday I went to a bike fit in preparation for my 1/2 iron man next weekend. They measure me, cheeked my flexibility and evaluate my current position. Conclusions I am inflexible or tight in half of my body but specially in my hips area and abductor. In proportion to my body my hamstring are short. This detail was affecting my bike position specially in the back. So after a lot of evaluation They raise my sit raise my aereobars and move my pedals a little bit to the front. At the end a brand new position and a lot of specific stretching exercises for my trouble areas. After the fit I went for a 20 mile bike ride to see the difference and it was huge. I felt better and I ride faster. The recommendation was to ride as much as possible this weekend so I can get use to the new position.
Today I went for 14 mile run at 10 in the mourning so i can deal with the heat next weekend in the run leg of the 1/2. Later I will be heading to the pool.

Enjoy your weekend

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