Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Olympics are gone.. Now what ???

The Olympics are gone. After 16 days of watching volleyball, track, swimming, Basketball and so on. And dream about how hot the athletes are or look, what some body should do next. Well 8 years ago after watching the Sydney games I gave a chance to running. I was already sign for the NYC Marathon that year as a commitment for well I don’t know or do not remember. I just started training one day on May or June with my mom and her running group. All of them were experience runners of many marathon and years. The thing was that they asked me are you too running the marathon and I said sure why not and my mom said are you sure you want to run? Well I gave it a try. I had run a 2 or 3 10k’s that year so I thought that why not try the big thing. So I began following the training but that’s for another post. After watching that 2000 Sydney Olympic marathon and listening to Bob Costas inspiring words about what the marathon means I became inspire, more serious and focus about running.

So if you enjoy watching the Olympics why in stead of being sad that the Olympics are over why you don’t start practice again your favorite sport in a serious way. I am not saying to become a pro but just practice. I am not saying that go and run a marathon but a 5 k sounds better. The feel of satisfaction of achieving that would make you fee like a proud Olympian.

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