Monday, August 25, 2008

Annpolis 10 miler

Annapolis 10 miler

Yes the Olympic kept me busy the last week so I didn’t post anything.

Yesterday I participated in the Annapolis 10 miler. I did this race last year so I knew what to expect. My goal for this race was to average 8:00 minute mile pace for the entire race in preparation for the NYC Marathon in November. This was a practice pace race if I can call it like that.

one of the many hills

The race went ok I warm up good 20 minutes and went in the front for the start. The first 2 miles went well as I planned with 15:57. The next 2 miles went 16:56. But mile 5 & 6 then I noticed that the mile marker where not spot on the places they should be. I got a time of 15:08 in what should be 2 hilly miles. Then Miles 7 & 8 were longer and both of them are down hill and I posted a time 17:08. So mile markers mess me up a little bit. Mile 9 and 10 also are kind of screw because mile 9 is a little bit ahead so when I cheeked its said 8:00 so I said I am in time just keep the pace. But the last mile seem longer than usual and ended up posting 8:30 on the last mile. So my total time was 1:20:30, 28 seconds faster than last year. This was good practice to pace my self by mile markers in preparation for Patriots ½ ironman & NYC Marathon in November.

At the beginning of the race

Conquering one of the final hills
This 10 miler is great and I recommend everybody to do it at least once. The best thing is that they don’t give you a medal. They give you a nice long sleeve athletic jacket. Pics coming later today.

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Congrats on the faster time! Maybe I'll bump into you down at the Patriot's races (I'm just spectating).

Good luck!