Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Luray report

Friday: arrive to Luray in like 2 hours go and get the packet pick up and drive quickly to the campsite to set up everything. Prepare some food and everything for the race the next mourning. Went to be early but the kids screaming around the tent does not allowed to get some sleep. After the kids shout up an unexpected cold of 40 degrees appear and was really hard to sleep due to the fact that we were not prepare for that cold. So the sleep for the night was hard.

Saturday: wake up at 5:30 with out not much sleep to the cold. Drive to the race site and set up everything we were just in time
Lake were the swim take place

Swim: Started at in the wave start so mine was the first good. It was wetsuit aloud. It was really foggy on the lake so couldn’t see where you are swimming. It was 2 loop and wasn’t that crowded. I was in shock when I came out of the water with a time of 22:22. The jog to the mat was a 40 second ahead for an official time of 27:02. This was my fastest time ever so I believe that the distance was short by 100 meter
Bike: I t was a hilly course from the beginning. I was feeling ok. Bu the after some inclines my legs were not there and maybe the fogginess on some parts of the bike at the beginning also had to do with it. The visibility was 5 feet ahead of me so may be that affect me but no excuses. I just manage to survive. A lot of people pass me and I could catch some of them on few flat parts. It s a challenging course of 25.5 miles or 26.
Time 1:30:20
This how some parts of the bike look like due to the Fog

Run: Since I knew I was already bad in the bike I decide just cruise on the run so I can continue my training the next day. The course was hilly and challenging 10k.
Time 49:00

Overall time 2:52: 17. Almost last in my age group.

Summary it was a great race, REALLY BEAUTIFUL place to held it. Definitely will do it again but more prepare for the bike part.

After the race: I ate like 4 slices of pizza 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a lot of water. Later we went to a 1$ store and bought as many ship blankets as possible so the cold couldn’t affect us the next night.

Saturday night. Set up everything for the Sprint race of my girl friend the next day. Prepare for the cold and eat some hot dogs and watch a bear and some other animals.

Sunday: leave the camp site and watch my girl friend crush the sprint triathlon.

Congratulations to my girl friend that finished 4th in her age group ( because they say She was drafting) had the15th time bike split with all the women. The bike training is helping her but not me

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Steve Stenzel said...

Great photos! Looks like fun!!

(except for the fog...)