Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Montclair triathlon

I went to the Montclair Triathlon this pass Sunday
My goals to this race was to swim in 20 minutes but concentrating on technique, bike on an average of 20 miles or more and run 40 minutes or under
The race site its great. I got there late around 6:30 and the race stars at 7 so I wasn’t able to warm-up at all. As usual I had my trip to the bathroom which took me for ever. The swim was at the lake that was hot as a Jacuzzi. I started and since I didn’t warm up and I wanted to focus on technique, I felt slower than usual. I think I swim zigzagging because when I was coming back I saw a bunch of people with yellow swim cap coming towards me. So figure out my swim was not going good. Finally I managed to finish in a time of 23:29 slower than usual. 2 weeks ago I swam 1.2 miles in 42 minutes for an average of 2:10 the 100 meters and on the race I average 2:20. So my swim time was slower than usual.
T 1 went slow too as I had to run 200 meters and have trouble taking the bike out. Lately my T1 have been looking like picnics.

The bike course stared with a short steep hill and then to the main road where you do a 3 loop course. The course was good only 2 major inclines and was pretty fast. I finished the ride in 58:35. The ride was 20 miles so I manage to get 1 of my goals.

T2 was bumpy so I follow the example of the pros that when transactions are bumpy they carried the bike. This helped me a lot as I went out of t2 in 1:25

The run was 2 loop course with 2 major inclines 1 at the beginning and 1 in between. I was feeling good so I was able to push hard on the second loop. That late push aloud me to get a 39:52 good for getting my 2nd goal.
My over all time was of 2:06:15 that it was ok. Not the 2 hours I would like but ok.

Overall the race was great. It told me that have to work more on my swim and my t1.
I recommend this race to any body from experience to newbie’s triathletes.

Congratulations to my girlfriend that finish her first triathlon 2:12:48 She had a great time in the bike and the run but needs to improve on her swim.

Next stop is NJ tri the last weekend of July.

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Marni said...

Great race! And great race to your GF!!!!
Keep up the great work! Keep pushing yourself :)