Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend recap

So it has been a while since I post something so Il will recap.

I started training for NYC Marathon last Wednesday and I felt great doing a good speed work out. How ever my knees didn’t felt that good after the work out. They have been sore for the last few days so I cut the running until the feel good again. I biked 20 miles on Thursday and 80 miles on Saturday.

Last Saturday 80 mile ride marked my first ever completion of the W&OD trail. It was something I wanted to do since I first started training at that trail. I t was great but I finished a little bit tier. Sunday and Monday were swimming days so I can recover.

This weekend I also chase my soccer favorite team Boca Juniors and I managed to get pictures with the players. It was a great experience in all aspect. It was amazing how to see 1 of the tops teams of the world practice. In the other side was amazing to see how to see how unfriendly much of the players (not all of them) were or are. My guess is that they are. Its remind me of a column that I read on Espndeportes about soccer players.

The 2 Paraguayans players Claudio Morel Rodriguez and Cesar Caceres deserve a special mention because those 2 guys always were willing to spend time with the fans.

This weekend I am heeding to NJ for NJ triathlon. It will be a great race because of all the member of my club that are going to be there. I post about my race prediction and plan later.

The Olympics are 17 days away. Be aware

For everybody that like cycling the Tour of France is really good so everybody that have a chance to watch it my recommendation watch it and if you are off in the mourning watch it life because it is great.

That’s all for now be back later this week

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