Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weight loss issues

So I am struggling to lose 6 pounds. Yes I stand 6’ 1”, 173 pounds 11.5 % body fat. Yes sound like crazy but by race time in a month and a ½ I need to be between 165 -167 and less than 10% body of fat. 9.5% body of fat will be ideally. But I don’t know why this time is harder for me to get over there. So I am cutting the sugars and being really careful on what I am eating or I should say extremely more than I am normally do.

Having talk about my weight issues training is intensifying for my big test the west VA ½ ironman. Yesterday I swam 2000 mts was suppose to be 3000 but I was helping my girl friend with the swim. She is having her firs triathlon on July.

Today I am doing some KM intervals at the track. 4:30 KM repeats. And I would try to spin for 30 minutes

Tomorrow Ill try to get up early to swim plus Boca plays in the quarter finals of the Liberatodres Cup. It is technically my resting day.

So will see how its goes.

Enjoy your week

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