Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Im back

So I haven’t post anything in over a week. I have been busy at work and training (Sure). This weekend training was change do to our traditional Sunday bad weather day so instead of biking on Sunday I change and biked on Saturday. My bike ride on Saturday was of 73 miles. Yes is a lot but that help to prove me that I can bike 56 miles relax on the 1/2 iron man that I have on June 29th. It was a great ride and I practice my nutrition. I finished it tired but happy. On Sunday the weather was a mess so didn’t do anything. I was really pist about it. In stead I went to the taste of Arlington with my girl friend and eat like a pig. Yesterday I swam 3000 mts. Today I wake up early and bike on the trainer for 25 minutes in preparation for interval Tuesday or km repeat Tuesday this afternoon. 7 km for 4:30. Let see how its goes.

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