Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Futbol (soccer) Week

Tomorrow at 2:30 pm all eyes of the world will be at Moscow Russia for the final of the champion league between Manchester United and Chelsea. Both teams are English. So it is an English final. Chelsea is led by Drogba Ballack Lampard Micheal Obi and Makekele.

Manchester United is led my favorite Carlitos Tevez from boca, Christaino Ronaldo , Rooney and the rest of the gang.

I am picking Manchester United 2-1 over Chelsea.

After that game My Boca goes to Mexico to define 1 spot at the semifinals of Copa Libertadores. Boca faces Atlas 6:20 pm. The series is at tied 2
Hopefully my Boca can put the out a hard game on the road again

let see how its goes

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