Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boca Juniors quest for the next round of Copa Libertadores

Tonight my Boquita faces a tough challenge. They have to score 5 goals to past to the next round of Copa Libertadores. They face the weakest opponent of the group. Union de Maracaibo form Venezuela. I won’t be able to see it something that pist me up because of Fox Sports giving preference to the Mexican teams. The Fox channel will be showing the Atlas-Colo Colo game. So instead of going to the local bar I am going to train make a good swim and run work out so by the time I am at home the game is already started.

Back to the game I am really positive that they will pass to the next round and they indeed will at least score 5 goals to pass to the next round. So mean while I am training boca will be rolling.

So dale dale dale dale bo dale dale bo dale BOCA

Good luck tonight Boca form heart

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