Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kinetic Sprint race report

Kinetic sprint report
Official results for me.
Swim= 15:59 T1 = 2:54 Bike = 56:20 T2= 3:35 Run= 24:38 Total time 1:43:24

When I wake up I and saw the weather I said to my self survival mode forget about times today. The race site looks really nice. The weather was a mess. Heavy rain all mourning until 15 minutes before the race. Race started at 10:00. I was in wave 2 so I started at 10:03. I started warming up around 9:45 but I felt that my swimming wasn’t there. So I gave my watch to my gril friend and said to her forget about time in anticipation of what was coming. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be good.

Swim, I have swim in beaches with choppy conditions, I have surf on 10 foot waves, Surf Board leech have broke on those condition and I have survived that. I have swim for ½ hour in open water looking for wave spots. I have swim in dirty lagoons, polluted rivers, ponds, you name it. This was the hardest swim of my life. I couldn’t breath correctly, I didn’t find a rhythm was really bad I try everything and couldn’t breathe appropriately. When I came out of the water I look like I was drunk or wasted. I couldn’t manage to start running out of the water like I normally do I was exhausted.

Walking and running to T 1 I recover my air and took the wet suit off pretty quickly and took bike and went out.

The bike was a rolling hills course and with a lot rain. I knew I needed to be really cautious. I think I started cautious or slow so my time was that slow. By the time I tried to put some power I didn’t have it I try to follow people that pass me around mile 13 or 14 but I am honest I didn’t have it, No excuses. Not a great bike ride for me. The bike watch marked 19 so maybe I want exactly 18 as they said I got to t2 and have trouble putting the bike in. Then I had trouble putting my running shoes because, I decided to switch the night before from shoes and they don’t have the marvelous yanks on them. I had 1 of the slowest transition in my life.

I went out for the run it started with huge hill of about 800 meters or something like that and then it was flat. The run went ok I just try to enjoy the course with the rain. I started pushing at the end and enjoy the finish. Over all it was a great race well organized free food at the end I give them 9 out of 10. The weather was brutal and messy. So I congratulate any body who finished that race because of the extreme weather condition on the lake, bike and running course. Next stop the Duathlon national championship next weekend at Richmond VA.

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