Thursday, April 24, 2008

A lot of stuff

My Boca juniors pass to the 2nd round of Copa libertatodres and the will face Cruzeiro from Brasil in a highly anticipated match. Tuesday game was a great tension game and the feeling at the end can only be describe with what you feel when you complete a race. Let see what happens next week.

As for my training after the messy race last weekend I am getting ready for the Nationals Duathlon championship weekend this at Richmond VA. I will be participating as an age grouper on the Olympic distance. I don't have huge expectation for this race. I only sign up to do it a t part of my training specially for the bike. I need a lot of improvement in that area. So If I can come with a 2:30 I will be really happy. Hope the weathers help on that.

My training this week have been
Monday 45 minutes on the trainer
Tuesday 1500 Mt's at the pool and a 20 minute run
Wednesday an hour on the bike (outside finally no rain)
Thursday 45 minute run
Friday swimming and a long bike run

Hope everyone have a great weekend
tomorrow I ll be back with more

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*DARE TO TRI* said...

Good luck at Du National's this weekend!