Saturday, January 4, 2014

Rev3 Williamsburg 1/2 report

Rev3 Williamsburg ½ iron Race Report

The main reason for signing for this race was to test my fitness level in preparation Rev 3 Cedar Point in September. On the training session prior to the race I was feeling good so I have hi hopes for a good time in the race. I knew a PR will be hard to get because I didn’t had the speed on the run or on the bike.  

Williamsburg is 2 1/2  hours for the DC area so  drove Saturday morning. Got there went packet pickup and then do a short bike ride and run. This was the 1st year of the race, it was a point to point race (2 transitions) and I had the feeling logistically it was going to be a pain so I planned ahead to be extra early on transition to take the shuttle to the swim area.

Race Morning  
I woke up at 4:15 morning with showers and thunderstorms. The breakfast was a banana with bread and Peanut Butter. I got to transition almost at 5 drop my running shoes and head really quickly to the shuttle bus. After that time it was a mess to get there so it was smart on being extra early. I got there pump the tiers put on bike nutrition and head to the swim area. There was a delay on the start due to multiple issues as this being a 1st year event. When the pro started I saw how bad the current was pushing them. Mentally I prepare to have a long day.

Swim  43:40 
This was the longest and most difficult 70.3 swim I have done. The current was pushing hard and at times you could feel that you were not moving while you swim.  I just keep swimming and kept my calm until the end. Many of the pros swam really slow So that kept me going through out the rest of the day

T1 4:40
This had 400 meters long run so I knew the time for transition would be slow. I got gear up and went ready for what would be a tougher bike course than expected. 

Bike 2:45:34
Coming to the bike I knew that I wasn’t in top form on the bike. I have been riding decently but I wasn’t in PR shape but again this was preparation race so I would have to deal with it. The bike started with a nice tail wind. It was rolling from the beginning. I kept my pace in check. As we go in land the wind picked up. From mile 23 to 35 there was a mix of headwind and crosswind that took a good effort out you. I got a little frustrated with it. This was on the low point of the race. 
Around mile 40 the rollers got bigger. I was mentally ready for it. I was in a good pace until the last 8 miles. The last 8 miles I felt the bike leg the wind was in my face and it was hillier than I expected. In the last mile I was so ready to get off the bike to begin the run. The bike in general was a little bit tougher than I expected. The bike was really scenic with nice views of lakes historic sites and corn fields.

T2 1:05
The transition had to be clear so I just had my shoes out there I was prepare to just drop my bike and got my shoes on. I did everything correct. I was happy with how it went. 

Run 1:51:43
By the start of the run you could feel humidity rising. My plan was too pace my self in the 1st loop. Practice my nutrition in preparation for IM. The run started through the university campus and then to a residential area with a really nice hill and then back to transition for another hill turnaround. It was a challenging course and with hot and humid weather a little bit tough, in some of the aid stations I walked to get my nutrition in. I keep and even pace throughout the whole race. I try to hammer the last 5 miles and was happy with my effort until the last mile where I struggle. At the end I was happy with my effort. 

My final time was 5:26:42 
I was happy with my performance I think without the current on the swim I would had gone 10 minutes faster but the conditions are the same for everyone and if you decide to compete on that day, you have to deal with the elements throw at you. I knew I wasn’t in pb condition but this was a for fitness test in preparation for the Ironman in September.

This was my 1st Rev 3 event and I was highly impressed with the organization. The race received a lot of heat in the social media world because of the logistics transportation from t1 –t2. At the end of the day is responsibility of the athlete to plan ahead.  They do have to improve  on handling the transition bags after the race because that was bad.

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