Friday, November 29, 2013

IM AZ 2012 Race report (a year later)

This is the 1st report of 3 races that I have done in the past year. I hope all come out in the next week, not in another year  

This was my 2nd Ironman and I was hoping improve from my first performance in the same course but the heat had other plans.

I got to Tempe on Wednesday night to get use to the weather and the 2 hours of difference from the east coast.  Flying direct is way easier than flying with stops so is something to have in consideration for the future. Thursday was cloudy and cold so my hope of an 80 degrees day was done. I did packet pick up and it went o eventfully.  Friday I did a short brick and rested it was a nice day.  Saturday I did the practice swim. The water was not as cold as the other time I went in there. It was a good practice swim.  I rode my bike 1 last time make sure everything was set up and rack it up. The rest of the day I spend it napping and getting ready for the big day.
Race day woke up at 4:30 Ate coconut milk A peanut butter Sandwich of three breads a banana some and some extra protein shake.

Arrive to transition Pump the bike tiers set up everything and did the long line to 1 final don John stop and got in to my wet suit and went it to Tempe Town Lake.  Right before the start I thank all the gods for allowing me to arrive to the start line healthy. Concentrate on the journey that I was going to have and relax to the sound of this great song 
Swim: 1:11:39
6 weeks before I did a 2.4 mile open water swim at the aquabike and I thought I could improve at least a minute. I position myself to the right corner like last time but not to the front. That was a big mistake!! The cannon went off and the war started for the 1st 15 minutes the swim was a warzone of kicks elbows everything you could imagine and it was really hard to get a in to rhythm. Finally approaching the first turn around I finally found some space to get in to a rhythm and from there I knew I going strong. Coming back I just push but without hammering much. I knew that I was going to pr but didn’t know by how much.  I ended with a PR of 10 seconds, not a huge one as I was hoping for but improvement which is ok.

T1 6:08
T1 I knew it was going to be a long base on all the running around that you have to do to get your T1 bags. I was ready mentally for this and follow my plan to get ready not only for the bike but for the run too.  Everything went as plan. 

Bike 5:36:23

The bike training suffer a minor setback when my power tap  pass out 2 month before the race and I had to start training indoors do to not having enough day light. This changes my strategy to ride by Heart Rate and perceived effort instead of focusing on power.
The ride started windy and with a lot draft packs. But those packs were clear at the top of the roller when the penalty tent was full of drafters.  A lot of people pass me on the first loop I kept calm and just pace myself. By the end of the 1s loop I was feeling hot already, the wind had calm down. I started to spread water on top and just kept my pace. Half-way point through the course I grab my special needs bag got my PMB & Jely Sandwich replace my bottles. After refueling I felt really good and began to star passing people a lot the 3rd loop I rode strong. I knew it was hot as you could feel it especially in your back. I coast on the down hills, continue to pass more people  and mentally began to prepare for the run. I improve my time by 7 minutes. I was really happy and excited to get of the bike and begin the run.
T2 2:58 

T2, The plan here was to get my shoes on and don’t waste time. I think I really nail it.
The Run (or the debacle) 4:38:17

Going in to the run I felt I was in a great running shape. My training runs were the fastest I have ever done and I had great confidence that I would kill it. I was so wrong. I knew that if I keep my composure I would have a pr but I did totally the opposite. I went out hard didn’t took notice that it was 85 degrees and the last time I was in that weather was mid-September. The 1st 4 miles I flew them including running a few seconds with current Ironman champion Leanda Cave.
 By mile 5 I started to slow down by mile 9 I was walking. I was cramping all over my body including my arms and forearms and shoulders. I had never had that feeling. I was struggling badly until someone told that was hotter than expected to increase my salt intake. Bingo!! Didn’t took any salt tablets because I wasn’t expecting to be that hot. Immediately in the next aid station and grab all the salt stuff that I could find, chips cookies and was putting them. From mile 8 to 13 I was walking and running. Once I hit 13 and the sun was going down and the salt was in I was running again 8:30 to 9:30 pace till mile 21 and the 10’s all the way till the end. 

During the run a lot of stuff went through my mind on how you can screw a race by small details, how the 1 day journey you have so much highs and lows and you find a way to overcome. How hard I have work the last year and here I was struggling but I blocked all those negative thoughts and finished strong.
The Final time was 11:35:25

This was my 2nd Ironman and I had big hopes of a pr and I felt could have break 11 hours on a good day. Unfortunately the ironman gods had other plans for me and make pay my dues.  A Week after the race I knew I wanted revenge at the distance on 2013 so I started looking for races that were good for my skills and my bank account. 


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