Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Years !!!
My first resolution is to blog more.  How much more? 3 times a week.
The other resolution is to  have consistence in everything I do (training, reading, writing going to sleep early etc).
If I can do specially the 2nd one I will be able to meet all my other goals for the rest. of the year.

Training went regular in the month of November and December   If I would grade my self with it would either be B- or a C+. The Positive I nail most of the work outs every time I went and did them My swim is better than last year at this time and my running also my bike is about the same. I need to improve more on the bike. The negative aspect is that on weekly bases I didn't train well. Let say I did 2 straight week averge between 12-15 hours and then the 3rd will only put 5 or 6 and then the next 10 and again back to 12 -15. I know that in order to be good and have some progress I need to follow the periodization  principle of  3 quality weeks and 1 of recovery.

In terms of racing and I am planning my 2012 to have a solid 1/2 ironman and be in the best possible shape for Ironman Arizona on November 18. In a future post I will write and explain the season plan.

Happy 2012 !!!

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