Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ironman Arizona 2009 T2 and run report

Sorry for the delay but I was busy at work and then sick this weekend.
As I was coming to T2 I was really excited about my bike time so I was looking forward to run the marathon. Temperature was 75 without humidity.
T2 I gave my bike to a volunteer and ran to pick up my bag. My plan for the run was run on my Puerto Rico singlet and on running shorts but since I knew I was having a good day. I wanted to hurry up so I skip putting the running pants just ran In red bike shorts.( My balls and P&^3n3$ regret this for 3 days never run a marathon on bike shorts run it on tri shorts or running parts)Put the my singlet and my running shoes went to the bathroom to pee, volunteers put some sun block and began the run quest. T2 4:12

The Run: I always thought that I could go under 4 with my running background I began pacing my self for that. My nutrition on the run was drink and eat regular things that I know. Things were coming alone great at the beginning I hit the first timing mat or the 3.5 mile mark with a pace of 8:53 or 31:07 I was cruising I did the first loop in that Pace and I was feeling it. (each loop was almost around 8.6 miles)Then around mile 10 my stomach decided to have issues. My body felt warm I had to stop at the port and had to pup. After this stop I felt it and it was hard to get on rhythm I continue and cross the 2nd time mat,mile 12.1 1:51:41 for a pace 9:13, the 2nd segment of 8.6 miles I did it on a Pace 9:22. From there I continue to run and at mile 13 the chicken soup (caldo de Pollo)became available and that got me going for a mile o 2 around mile 15 I began to feel the race and I need some extra food so pretzels and chicken soup became the menu for many water stops. I continue to run in decent pace and stop at the aid station to drink and eat I was going slower but ok I knew that I just had to continue and I was going to finish running strong.The third loop began and I knew I was closer. I just kept pushing and I know I was doing ok because I was passing people. I hit the 3rd mat which was mile 20.4 3:15:56 for a pace 9:36, the third segment was 8.3 miles which I ran in 1:24:15 for 10:09. Right after I hit the last mat I had to stop and pup again!! This time it was really quick and opposite to the first stop this was got me going I began to move a little bit faster. I was moving and began to feel closer I began to do math with my watch to see what time I was going to get,I knew that I was going to be under 11:30 so I just roll, the last 3 miles were hard but I continue. Around mile 25 my friend Courtney of DC TRI and training partner pass me flying. She had a great run. She told me to keep up with her but I couldn't. She disappeared in seconds. I continue and when I hit the turn around to go to the finish hall or the finish path I just was ready to enjoy the moment I slow down began to cheer clap hands and just enjoy the moment a few people pass me but I didn't care I was enjoying the moment. look back So I didn't had no body behind and cross the finish line. Then lay down and kiss the floor. I had conquer the distance which made me really happy. I was exhausted but I was an Ironman those are 1 of the most sweetest words I have ever hear. The final running segment was 5.9 miles were around 57 minutes for a 9:40 pace.The total run was 4:13:02 for a 9:40 pace. The total race IM AZ was 11:28:22
Run by the numbers
3.5 mile 31:07 pace 8:53
12.1 mile 1:51:41 Pace 9:13 (8.6 miles 9:22)
20.4 mile 3:15:56 pace 9:36 (8.3 miles 10:09)
26.2 mile 4:13:02 pace 9:40 (5.9 miles 9:40)
The run course is not flat and you feel the hills specially in the 2nd and 3rd loop


E-Tri-News said...

A good one. I like the pictures man, really proyects how painfull that run was.

TJ said...

I'm impressed. Great performance! Bravo!

-- TJ

Lacey Nicole said...

INCREDIBLE!! love all the photos. way to run it to the finish!!!