Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ironman Arizona 2009 T1, Bike and nutrition report

My new Brazilian Camilo drove the bike loop on Friday. Half way through it you notice the false flat that goes on the first loop of the bike. So is not as flat as you think. Also it was windless.
On Sunday mourning it was windy at transition so I already knew that the bike was going to be windy so I had to be prepare for that.
Some stats of race day.
48 degrees at race start
55 out of the water (my estimate)
windy at the beginning of the bike
not much wind at the end
78 the high during the run

So having conditions lets go to T1
I came out of the water went to the wetsuit stripier took out my swim socks and let them do their job. After that I went to pick up my transition bag. Al this took me 3 minutes. When I look to my watch and saw the time and I haven't begin changing I knew that I was in to a long transition. Due to conditions (read above) I decided that I was better with a warm shirt, arm warmers,and toe covers on my bike shoes. MY goal at the bike was to try to stay warm so my body don't use extra energy try to heat up itself. after 8:51 on Transition I was on by bike. I know this was slow or a picnic but I really wanted be as dry and warm as possible for the beginning of the bike.

The bike began nice and smooth for the first 7 miles. I pass a guy and he told me that he wished he had arm warmers and toe warmers. It was cold. When I hit the bee high way it was cold and windy. I was passing people but then with inclines and the wind I began to slow down. I avg speed began to drop and I was going 13 or 14 MPH in mile 12 of the ride and I got frustrated because I thought if it was going to be like that the whole ride it was going to be ugly. For good once I hit the turn around I was flying and now I was hitting 30-32 MPH my spirits came back up and I just roll. The second loop began and I knew what was coming so I was ready. O this loop there was a lot pelotons and the drafting was evident. So I just followed a 40 years old girl that was kicking ass passing to everybody I also notice that the wind was not as hard at the first loop. The wind has slow down a little bit.I hit the turn around 2 minutes slower than my time in IM 70.3 Augusta so that was confidence booster. Coming back I was flying but not as fast as the first loop but fast enough. At mile 63 I slow down to take my special need bag that had a bottle of Accelerade. The third loop began I was feeling strong the temp had rise so I needed to take out my arm warmers and stop for a pee. Entering bee high way I saw a an empty port so I decide to stop there since there was no line. I only lost like maybe 1 minute. I was back on track and by this time the wind was insignificant. I was basically keeping my speed at 19 since my head began to tell don't push because you have a Marathon after. I kept my composure and hit the turnaround. Coming back it was down hill so it was just rolling. At mile 104 coming out of bee highway I began to get a little bit anxious because I had a small crosswind bothering me and my mind began to play with me but I said to my self you are really close keep your composure you are having and awesome performance no needs to hurry. Those last 8 miles came ahead a little bit harder than expected but I went through them strong.
I hit Transition in 5:48:16.
bike 5:48:16
Avg MPH 19.3
bike Place 870
bike age group place 101

After reading a lot of post from people that had issue with getting food in to the body at a certain part of the race I decide to my nutrition the most solid and natural way possible on the bike. I train with accelerate all year. So I stick to that. So the nutrition on the bike consisted of Accelerate and water the whole race, every 30 mintes 1/2 of a vanilla power bar, 2nd and 4th hour peanut butter and grape jelly Sand-wish. Plus a salty-water mix that my friend Camilo gave directly From Brazil. Is true that I didn't train with it was the equivalent of salt tables only that this was powder and water. Yes I took the risk. It was worth it. The run nutrition was water, gels Gatorade Endurance, chicken soup and pretzels all available in each aid station during the run.



E-Tri-News said...

Nice exercise, keep them coming, IRON-man.

Xavi Garcia said...

Good job overall!!


"XTB" Xavi.

Lacey Nicole said...

WOW!!!!! i can't wait for the marathon report, you are seriously incredible. this whole thing is incredible. i don't known anyone else who has done a full IM!!

the temperature change is just EVIL! from 48 to 78?!?! that is hottttt for a marathon isn't it? esp after being 48 at the start?

you handled the bike really well. sounds like the 40 yr old woman was doing awesome! i'm so happy for whoever she was :) and way to go with the nutrition too. i have heard all good things about accelerade!

Rainmaker said...

I was blown away by your bike and how well you paced it. I kept on following all day long and was astounded at how well you held pace. Serious congrats!

Tonya said...

Congrats!! Great race report :)