Saturday, November 28, 2009

You are an IronMan

Yes that right I am an Ironman. Last Sunday it came true I cross the finish line in a good time of 11:28:22.It was tough but rewarding. The feeling is indescribable out of this world. Next question is if I will do another one and the answer is yes.I had a great race and I think there is room for improvement.
In the next week I will write posts about the race in each section, post IronMan, What's next, How much financially cost to your bank account do an Ironman. For now I leave you with my final stats of my race.

Swim = 1:14:02
T1= 8:51
Bike= 5:48:16
T2= 4:12
Run= 4:13:03
Total= 11:28:22 Place= 615 Age-group= 84/237
Thanks for the support


Xavi Garcia said...


Good job! I am waiting for your chronichle.

Take care,

"XTB" Xavi.

Lacey Nicole said...


Congrats Eric.

YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!!! what a feeling that must be.

hold on to that :)

happy recovery:)

how was the run????????????

Rainmaker said...

Huge congrats man - that's an awesome time and you certainly put the work in. Now enjoy the time off!