Monday, November 16, 2009

Race week

Race week is here after a lot of training and sacrifice is finally here. Now is resting, eat well so and visualize my race.
Visualization is really important so you will be really focus and concentrate on it.People call it pressure-ring your self I call it positive thinking.
The mos important thing for this week is stay calm and relax

The Ironman training itself is a journey. You go through so much that only the people that goes through it understand it Marathon training is a peace of cake compare to this.But at the same time is fun and less hard on the body is just requires more of your time. You work really hard on this

I am really excited about this race I am really looking forward to the race

I will POst more this week Don't forget to follow me on Sunday #351

1 comment:

Rainmaker said...

Dude!!!! It's go time!

I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it and tracking you come game day.

Btw - remember the mantra the week before:

Never stand when you can sit, and never sit when you can lie.