Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekend race 70.3

This weekend I will be heading down to Augusta Georgia for Augusta 70.3.I will be driving in a friends truck/ pick up so I will be the copilot which is good for me that I don't have to be on the wheel. Also It will be my first in the south part of the USA I have been in Miami and Orlando but nothing north of there. I have until Newport in Va but nothing south of there so will be fun to check the Carolina s'. Part of the bike course will be o many south Carolina counties that I have done the mapping process for the flood Areas. So maybe some roads might be close to flood areas that I have mapped. If you are wondering about he floods in Georgia that affected the area it happened in Atlanta or near close too and Augusta is 2 1/2 hours from there so no threat for the race hopefully. I ll be heading down there Friday mourning is an 8 1/2 or drive and be back Monday.

This race my coach told that would be a tune up race for IM Arizona in 2 month. Details is a river swim going in favor of the current basically with 2 turns so it should be fast. The bike have between 1600-1900 of climbing for 56 miles. Based on the video of the course it seems manageable a few inclines but nothing to major. Will see how its looks once there. The run is flat as Hains Point so it should be fun. Coach told me that should be around 5:20's will see .
Goals for the race
A) Have fun and Practice Hydration and Nutrition.
B) Stay areo as much time in the bike and practice IM pacing
C) Swim and Run smooth
D) Hydrate and nutrition

Happy 23 September 2009 because on a day like today 141 years ago the place were I was born try to become free country but an idiot betray Revolutionaries and the spinards were able to counter attack. 141 years later we steel a colony but with a different ruler... Was call the Lares Revolt or El grito de Lares


Lacey Nicole said...

fun!!! so exciting to travel to a new place. good thing you don't have to drive, too- driving is so stressful! esp big highways.

GOOD LUCK!!!! what are your nutrition goals as part of the last goal?

go get 'em!

Rainmaker said...

Go kick ass down there! Good luck!