Monday, September 21, 2009

Training Training and Work

That's all I have been doing for the past 10 I had Nations and then a lot of Training in preparation for IM Arizona. This Weekend I have a preparation Tri when I head down to Augusta for the IM Augusta 70.3 Goals will come in the next post. This weekend I went out on nice 77 mile ride on the hills of Montgomery County. I went with a fellow blogger and DC Tri member TJ. He rocks on that course as I was always behind him on the hills, we chat a lot about everything and put on some solid hills. Was a great training ride. On Sunday I work and went for a 2 hour run. I did this run on grass and it helped me a lot in terms of recovery from 77 mile bike ride and 15 minutes run the day before. One of the good things about my new area is that is 5 minutes away from the Germantown soccer plex. This a world class soccer practice facility with more than 20 soccer fields driving range pool and a lot of deers. So I am using the soccer fields to loop around them and try to run on grass because is soft surface and helps on recovery.
Also got the newton running shoes and I am learning their Philosophy of running of a more natural form. The shoes are $$$$ but they at least are teaching me how to run efficient. I ran 1 hours with regular shoes and 1 hours with newtons and there is a lot of difference. Go here. if you want more info
So far for me here the Pros
They do make you run smother
all atches, pains or stiffness will go away almost immediately once you start wearing them
They do work if you follow their advices
take time to adapt your body and run form and a lot of concentration
in the beginning you may feel pain in your calf's or upper knees
The shoe last only 350 to 400 miles not much

If you have the time the $$$$ and the patience to learn the form this would be great for the off season.

I am working a lot because I am in charge of a nice project that requires a lot time but it will elevate my professional live to a new level

Well have a great week and I ll be back with Augusta goals Wednesday or Thursday
And a nice video to end about nice concert that was held at Cuba by juanes in front of almost a millions cuban in " La Plaza de la Revolucion enjoy it was free artist didn't charge and some of the artist were threat to death for doing the concert.


Lacey Nicole said...

interesting! i have never heard of the newtons, i will look them up. not wanting to spend a lot of $$ tho!!! have you tried the lunar glides??? supposedly they also help with natural running form. right now i'm in asics.

Rainmaker said...

Good to hear you're enjoying the Newtons thus far!