Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week in review

I have been training really hard for the last 2 weeks. the same as my new job started. So far I have been busy on both ends. It has been an interesting 2 weeks. Everything is going great overall. But I might have to move to MD because is near my job because spending 2h30m daily kills any body.I will be in at least 2 month when I decide. The moving reason are simple I dont hve a car so I have to move close or buy one. Unfortunate I don't have enough $$$$ for any type of car right now so the first option is better. I am training a lot this days and my times are starting to improves. The first big test will be next weekend on the national 1/2 marathon my first race of the year, evenly I am looking to have fun.
March madness is here and the games have been great with a lot of upsets. There is not a clear favorite for the final 4 so its going to be a good tournament. In Soccer my two teams play this week on Tuesday PR Islander goes against Cruz Azul in the first leg of ths CONCACAF champions cup and Boca Juniors plays Libertad on Wedenesday group phase of Libertadores cup.
I ll be back with another post tomorrow


Lacey Nicole said...

great job working so hard!!!!! it sounds like you are incredibly busy and just getting a lot done. good luck finding a new place!!! yeahhh march madness, did you see the syracuse uconn game? too bad BC lost by 1 to duke :(

Rainmaker said...

Hang in there, things will even out. Looking forward to seeing ya out there this weekend!