Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March of sports weeks

First to all my readers that are in the are I will be celebrating my bday tomorrow at summers bar at the court house metro is a crap bar but they show soccer so is good for me. Feel free to come.

Why March is so great. because is my birthday and the sports season is on full force. World Baseball Classic is in full force and the game are great for all countries of course except the USA.
Soccer in all over the world is in full force. The PR Islanders beat Mexico Cruz Azul 2- 0 and that is an accomplishment. Boca plays tomorrow.

NCAA basketball tournament begins the day of my birthday and the bracket are hard as there is no a clear favorite.

On Thursday I ll be 30 and on Saturday I run the first race of the year. National
1 /2 marathon.

Happy St Patrick I ll be back with more soon


Shannon said...

Welcome to the 30's bro. Have fun with your beer, your soccer, and your birthday wishes! I wish I could toast to you my friend.

Can't wait to hear how you rock at Nations! Nations Tri....you and me!

Lacey Nicole said...

The east brackets especially i am having a hard time picking any winners!!!!!!! working on that now...

tfh said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day.