Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am alive

To all my fellow readers I am alive
Here are the goods
I started a new job that is really cool I am busy so no more blogging from work
I am busy busy but i like it training is going great since I have somebody that is giving me some guidance.
My time is limite
The bad
My commute is hour and 20 minutes each way because I don't have a car so for the next 4 month my time is limited

Have a great Thursday


Shannon said...

Glad your enjoying the job. Now you'll have to blog like normal working people (just me). I can't blog at work either.

Lacey Nicole said...

congrats on the new job!!!!!!

tfh said...

I'm glad the new job is going well! That's more important than blogging. :) But I hope you still have time to fit in your training.

Allistar:) said...

Oh no, cant read your amazing blogs Today going to be in full force training mode, IRONMAN 2009 HERE WE COME