Monday, February 9, 2009

warm weekend

This weekend was great with temps in the high 60's. Why can not be like that always. As for training I bike 32 miles in 2 hours, maybe the win does make a difference. On Sunday I ran 12 miles in shorts and singlet. It felt so good to run like that after 4 months running on long sleeves and tights. The pace was an easy 9 minute mile pace. The weekend was great love the temps and did a lot of stuff with my gf.

For tonight swimming.

The week looks as there are going to be some great futbol and basketball. On Wednesday is FIFA day, Spain- England, Brasil-Italy y France-Argentina and Mexico vs USA in the freezer of Columbus Ohio. This last game is important as is a world cup qualifying match. Is a rivalry, Mexico is not playing well and after what the USA soccer did to them today, giving them worst practice facilities available in the area is going to be interesting to see how the game develops.
On Basketball Duke vs North Carolina is also on Wednesday so what a better Wednesday that the one coming.

My racing schedule will be ready this week I promise
Have a great and enjoy the warm weather while it last


Lacey Nicole said...

i am so much happier when the weather is nicer. it was 50 here in boston yesterday, going to be 50 again on weds!! and sunny!!! i can't believe you ran in shorts/singlet, WOW!!! and 12 miles- that's AWESOME. sounds like you made the most of your weekend. elliot and i enjoyed ours, too. 3-day weekend next weekend!!!! :)

tfh said...

Let's hope it doesn't get cold again! Sounds like a great weekend of workouts.