Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 2009 Season

After a lot thinking here is the race agenda

National 1/2 Marathon March 21, 2009, Washington, DC*

National Duathlon Championship, April 27, 2009, Richmond, VA

Pacers Running Festival, 1/2 Marathon, May 10, 2009, Arlington, VA* (1/2 mile away from my place)

Time Trial bike race April, May, June* (Don't know dates yet, locations throughout the area)

Montclair triathlon, 1000m s, 20 miles b, 5 mile run June 28, 2009 Montclair VA

Spirit of Morgantown 1/2 iron distance Triathlon (1/2 ironman) August 9, 2009, Morgantown, WV

Century Rides, July, August, September, October* (Don't know dates yet, locations throughout the area)

Nations Triathlon (Olympic distance) September 13, 2009, Washington DC

Ironman 70.3 Augusta September 27, 2009, Augusta, Ga

Baltimore running festival, 1/2 Marathon October 10, 2009, Baltimore, MD* (a great race my favorite)

Ironman Arizona November 22, 2009, Tempe Arizona

*1/2 marathons and century rides are training run not looking to PR just to complete them.


tfh said...

Looks like a great schedule. I'm thinking of doing the Pacers Running Festival this year, too. Cool that it's so close to your place!

Rainmaker said...

You've got a very well thought through race/training run schedule. Nicely done. I'm looking forward to seeing you out and about a number of times this year.

Shannon said...

ARe you on crack?!?

That is an awesome/crazy 2009 schedule! One day I'll grow up and be like you....LOL At least I hit one of your races and get to meet up for Nations Tri.

Melanie said...

What a full and fun schedule!

Thanks for leaving some training advice on my blog! It'll be helpful.

TriT said...

Great schedule!! Good luck with everything :)