Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday and Obama

Yesterday I took the day off due to stomach issues. I watched the inauguration in the warm of my room because it was to cold to for me to go. Then I went to watch my gf ice skating.
Today my stomach is feeling much better so hopefully I ll be back on track.

Finally Obama is the President, now if he can change this few things I would say is the greatest president of all time. Here is my list.

Closed all the secret prison just as he did today on Guantanamo but that is not the only one
Stop supporting Israel if they continue to attack Gaza. Just a simple
Stop the Cuba embargo this are not 50's any more this are well almost the 10ns there is not any reason.
Aloud Latin America to fully developed and stop supporting Colombia with Military advise and equipment.
Stop the war in Iran and Afghanistan and restore those nations.
And last but no least do something about Puerto Rico what ever he wants but at least is an improvement if put our situation on the department of state than if he leave it the way it is that is a white house matter.

Ohh about the economy is simple regulate wall street regulate the house market tax the big corporations with 5% of their revenues and you see how the pieces will start falling.

Have a nice day


tfh said...

Glad your stomach is feeling better. I hope to see things continue to move in the right direction politically speaking...

Lacey Nicole said...

sounds like you should write a letter to someone!!!!! you have a great list. i LOVED obama's speech. people are talking about how it was not a "feel good" speech but what i like best about him is he is realistic and wants everyone else to be realistic and work hard to make the changes that need to be made. i feel like finally there is someone with some VISION and clarity in office.