Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaguration training weekend

Friday was extremely cold so I went to the gf home and played the Wii to the extreme on Saturday I ran 7 miles and then went to the gym for an upper body workout. On Sunday I biked an hour on the trainer and the went to the HBO concert. Today I am going to the pool then to the gym for a lower body work out and then 30 minutes on the bike.

The concert of Obama was impressive and really crowded. As for me going to anything else probably not because I won't pay to get in on a bowl and I won't beg to any body for free tickets and really i am not interested at all. For the parade and the rest of the stuff is to cold for me I rather watch it on TV.

Enjoy the 2 days off



Guy de Maupassant said...

Checked out your profile and saw that you know a little bit of portuguese!!!
Here, in Portugal, it's also very cold and with such conditions training is very unpleasant unless you like being closed up in the Gym (that's not my case - definitely prefer the outdoors).

Cumprimentos de Portugal
(Greetings from Portugal)

Rainmaker said...

Cool, I didn't go to the concert but watched it on TV - good stuff!