Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas to every body

I would like to which all my fellow bloggers a Merry Christmas,Happy new year, Happy 3 kings day or what ever you celebrate.

In special to some bloggers that I have been exchanging thoughts through out the whole year. I will mention them and a brief description. This is my way giving by saying something positive.

The rainmaker is a great guy and his description of races and gadgets are really awesome. We live in the same area and sometimes we race the same races.

The THF is a great accomplished runner who is training for her 1st marathon on march. We live in the same area and we are always complaining about the cold weather. She is a great poster.

Lucia is a great person that cook really good. She throw great parties and also a good runner. I am looking foward for more of her parties in 2009.

Shannon is spinning teacher that also is becoming a super triathlete and she is really proud of her kids. She will be doing the nations tri on September. Looking forward to say hello on September.

This Lady is super triathlete that trains a lot and always have good stories on how she trains. She have big plans for 2009 season so I have to see how it goes for her. Also she is a great mom.

Lacey Nicole is a super runner that always have nice post about what is going on. She works on education and she is really smart. She will be racing a lot in 2009.

Soni have a great page going. is mainly in Spanish but is great for a lot of things. He gave me a lot of support my NYC marathon. In 2009 he will become a thriathlete.

Toni Jo have a great challenge going and she post every single detail of her workouts. She have pretty cool page going. I like it a lot.

Melanie is a great writer. I think she should write a book. Her posts are really interesting evenly sometimes I dont agree with her. Right now she is injured so hopefuly she heel soon so she can be back on track.

Last but not least my beautiful GF she a super lady and I love her a lot and she always is there for me and have lot of patience with me. We have had wonderful 2008 together.

For this persons and all my fellow readers that I didn't mention.
Have a Wonderful Hollydays .........
Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and Happy 3 Kings Day


Shannon said...

:) Your sweet...

Eric, the fast runner who I'm dying to meet and have him say my name with his accent, "hello Shannon." :)

Have a great vacation.

Lacey Nicole said...

Oh wow, you are so nice to include all of us in your thoughts and post!!!!! Merry Merry Christmas to you and your GF, too!!!!!! I am sure you will have a WONDERFUL vacation and i look forward to 2009-- i'm so happy to have found people+blogs to follow along with and talk to about all things and running especially-- really helps keep me going!!!!! And Happy New Year (TOASTS!!) :)

Rainmaker said...

Merry Christmas!

Hope you're enjoying great and amazing weather. It's snowing where I am. :-/ But I'm lovin it. :)

Argentine Rocket said...

Awww you're so sweet Eric! I hope you had a great time these holidays and loved your pictures! While you were playing in the sun I was playing in the snow!
Have a great 2009!