Monday, December 22, 2008

1 more day to be gone from the cold

It's 20 out side and my office is almost empty. This weekend was cold but fun. On Friday I was lazy and didn't run 3 miles, instead I chill out and went to the movies with my gf. On Saturday I did a lot of Christmas shopping, watch the Boca game, ran 5 miles at 6 and went to my gf work party. It was a busy Saturday. Was so busy that I caught a cold. On Sunday I ran 10 miles around noon even if I was cold. Then we went to a friend house for a holiday party. The party turn out to be a geek wrestling movie eating party. MY gf and me had a great time.

I ll be leaving tomorrow to the beach. I plan to go to the beach as much as possible go out with friends as much as possible. visit family members and go to the beach. Ill do so some running and ocean swimming(there are not jelly fish). I will chill out a lot
Today is the last picture of where I am going to be heading.

I would post picture of my adventures here. So be alert.
Have a great week


tfh said...

Have safe travels and a WONDERFUL holiday.

TriT said...

Hehe...thanks :)Well, it would be nice to train with some/a/any/ Euro pro cyclists at some point. Maybe I will visit Italy sometime and take my bike along...who knows haha!

Hope all is well and you have a great Christmas too :)