Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday yeah

Its Friday cold but is Friday. This weekend I ll be running the jingle all the way 10k at Hains Point in DC. There are a lot of people registered for the race, almost 5000. Apparently the promotion on Runners world worked. My race plan for this one is simple go out there have fun if you can put 46 or less good for you if not is ok. My training after NYC marathon have sucked. My eating have sucked is Christmas you know is that time of the year that you eat to much. My weight is up for about 4 pounds. After last night I am feeling like crap. So having that in mind just go out there and have fun. Also with almost 5000 people the start is to small to position your self so is going to be interesting.
Tomorrow is the Kona showing on NBC at 2:30 - 4:00 is always good to watch that race. And then one of the most important Futbol matches of the planet takes place when Real Madrid visits Barcelona at El Camp NOU. The game will be live in Gol tv at 4:00
Should be an entraining weekend.
Only 12 days left I ll be here ......

I ll be here the 24 th in the afternoon for sure on less is raining

Have a great weekend

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tfh said...

Good luck on Sunday! I think for most people this will be more of a fun run than a race race, just since the crowd is so big and there are bells and everything.