Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend report

This weekend I didn't train I just eat a lot of junk, play the W ii and clean my apt. On Friday I took a well deserve leg massage to uptight my legs. This was great for my legs and I and I made the commitment with my self of improving my flexibility during the off season or winter. My girlfriend is going to help me on this. On Saturday I went grocery shopping because my kitchen was empty. After I went to check some running and bikes store for the winter training. That night I spend 4 hours playing the Nintendo Wii at my girlfriends house. Warning don't buy this because is addicting thats the reason I haven't buy it. On Sunday my girlfriend ran a local 5k in an awesome time with 22:39. Is great because she haven't been training much do to her studies. She finished 1st on her age group. As she ran I was full of energy so I decided to do a massive cleaning of my apt. I spend 3 hours cleaning and my girlfriend said it was shinning. Today I begin planning for next year in all aspects of my life.
Are you enjoying the Christmas season? I am, I have eaten a lot of Christmas candy's and eggnog. Thats junk so I have gain like 2 pounds so I better watch out because is not Christmas jet.


tfh said...

Congratulations to your girlfriend-- that's a great time. As for the Christmas season, has it really begun? I guess I have been tempted into a few Gingersnap lattes at Starbucks-- maybe I don't want to know how many calories are in those things!

Shannon said...

Did you say "Junk" uh yeah well check out my blog!

Happy Monday Bro!

Rainmaker said...

Ha! Yes, I'm eating all sorts of pre-holiday creations as well.

Congrats to your girlfriend as well!