Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not much going

Yesterday was a holly day so not much happened. As the days are shorts and colds is really hard for me to get me going. So no training for me yesterday. Other than that I am already starting to plan my 2009 season looking for some races and try to get better at my times. Basically my main goal for next year is going to be improve. I really want improve shave 1 or 2 minutes of my swims and runs and shave 5- 10 on my bike. So I am doing a lot of research on racing and training. Other than that not much going.
Happy Wednesday


Toni Jo said...

Looking ahead is a great way to keep going :-) I'll try to remember this on days when I just don't feel like training.

tfh said...

Yesterday was so cold! Today at least it feels a little better. Hope you're feeling motivated-- I think you have a good idea. I am going to put some more races on the calendar to keep me motivated through these tough months!