Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NYC Maraton report

The day started at 4:30 in the mourning. Since it was daylight saving time I didn’t felt that tier when I wake up. Eat my usual breakfast and got dressed with warm cloth (not enough) and headed to the subway. The bus stop to go Staten Island was only 2 stops so I arrived really quickly. The bus line wasn’t long and it was quick. At 5:30 I was already on the bus heading to Staten Island. It was dark. Around 6:00 I was walking to the fort. It was cold. The temp was said to be in the 40 but with wind at least it felt like 30. The wait was for a long 3 hours and 30 minutes. It was like a first of 2 marathons. During that time I met 3 great triathletes from Chile that were running the race. We share great stories and suffer the cold together. Then finally the time had come to leave and get in to our corral. The wave system worked great I was in the blue start wave 1 corral F. I hang out with one of the triathlete on the corral. We planned to race together. Then they move us to the start that was extremely cold because of the cold wind passing through the buses and hitting straight on the legs. We were waiting behind some buses and trucks so your upper body was cover but your legs were hit by the cold winds. At 9:43 the gun sounded and it took me 2 minutes to hit the start mat. When I started running my legs were so cold that I couldn’t get going. It took me 1 mile to warm up. My friend from Chile was gone because I couldn’t stay with him because of the cold. I passed the 1st mile and I was rolling for the first 14 miles. I was feeling great going on pace and with out suffering. On mile 14 my quads were hurting just a little bit. But when I hit the mile 15th hill it help me because of I am a good hill runner and the pain was gone. I continue to roll. On mile 17th I had a quick stop to say hello to my girl friend and drink Accelerade. After that I continue rolling until mile 21 right after the Bronx bridge my quads exploded and I try to continue and couldn’t. I took out of my pocket my Bengay cream and spread it through my legs. I continue to go running between 9:30 and 9:50 all the way. Mile 23 is really long and hilly. Is not that hard but is long. After I passed this I knew I was there only need to hold the pain and continue. Mile 25 - 26.2 was just the fun part enjoying the crowd that you know that you are there. When I saw the finish line I just stopped to cross the line walking and enjoying the moment that’s why it took me 5 second to cross. My final time 3:43:05 and this was a PR. My last marathon was NY 5 years ago and it was 3:55:56. I was really happy. The crowds are amazing. You don’t run alone at all basically only on the bridges is the only part.
The only concerns of the race are the wait in Staten Island is just another marathon. The other thing is the extreme walk that you have to do when you finish to get the race pack with your cloth is really long like a 1½ mile walk.
Special mention to my girlfriend for all her support.
If you like to PR this is not the race but if you want to race the best marathon in the world this is the race or like the brand new book says A Race Like No Other: 26.2 Miles Through the Streets of New York

Special thanks to this Bloggers for their support.Rainmaker, Shannon, Trit, Rubi.


CTDeportes said...

Otras ¡¡42 195 FELICITACIONES!!


Rainmaker said...

Awesome, totally awesome!

Great job out there in keeping it consistant. You rock.


I hope to be able to do NYC one day...

Shannon said...

You rocked it, I'm especially proud that you pushed through on those sore quads. I only dream about running at that pace with "sore quads." You should be very proud, you've been given a gift from God. Now relax and let those legs rest. Awesome job Eric.