Monday, October 6, 2008

Giant Acorn/ Army 10 miler report

I did a sprint on Saturday and 20.22 miles on Sunday. Here is how it went.
As I stayed here before that my goal was to make it to the start. I barley make it as the drive took more time than expected. So the race was schedule to start at 10. It was 9:30 and I was on the parking. So I ran took the race packet and set up everything as quick as possible. I put my wetsuit and make it to the water 2 minutes before the swim start. I didn’t warm up enough and with 2 minutes there is not much you can warm up in 2 minutes. The swim started and it was crowded in the first 300 meter. After that I began passing a lot of swimmers. The swim went ok but seems that it was more than 750 meters. The way you come out of the water was hard since it was like coming out of a pool it was hard this should improve in future races. My time was 16:08, 12th on my age group. T1 went smoothly it was 2:06 slow but was because my bike was at the end of the racks and I have to run with my bike in the messy terrain. The bike ride went good. I felt great but on the small hills I have to admit I didn’t have it may be 2 weeks with out riding have to do with that. My time was 37:08 15th on my age group. T2 went fast as usual 1:17. The run went great since I have been running a lot lately. My time was 22:57 15th on my age a group. My total time was 1:19:42. Add me a 2 minutes of a drafting penalty that they say I did but honestly I know I didn’t do it. I finished 11th on my age group.
So the race went ok I had fun but I don’t like the penalty I got so I was upset. We left and drive really fast to pick up the bib # for the army 10 miler.

On Sunday I ran the army 10 miler. As I said I was running 10 miles before the actual race. I left home at 6:25 and started my run to the race site. The run went smoothly. In the first 8 miles I had 1:08:07. The next 2 miles were in the race site so I was looping around at a slow pace. When the race started I had 9.75 miles. My girl friend ran with me the first mile and then went on her own to finish with a time 1:18:12. Congratulations to her. To me I just try keep the pace steady and my heart rate low. The first 5 miles I had 41 minutes. So I decided to try to do a negative split. But for my body I think it was too much I guess. I pushed hard but on mile 9 I was on survived mode it was the hardest part of the race that last mile. I just keep my concentration to finish strong. I arrived to the finish line in 1:22:08 and then keep running on a side to make sure I ran 20 miles. The total time for my 20.22 mile run was 2:49 so I was happy with that.

After my 2 races I was sore and today I am feeling it

But indeed it was a great training/race weekend in preparation for the NYC Marathon. This week a lot of running and the Baltimore ½ marathon in preparation for NYC marathon.

Have a great week

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Rainmaker said...

Impressive weekend - with double 10-milers and a race. Nicely done!