Monday, October 20, 2008

A cold nice weekend

This was the first really cold weekend of the season for the North VA area. On Friday I went to do my last long speed work out before the marathon. I ran to the track and again it was closed. Instead on going to HH like the day the day before I went to the treadmill and run the whole work out there for a total of 8 miles. On Saturday mourning I went to do a bike TT. It was really windy and chilly. The TT went good it was really windy so just did it for fun with no time expectation. I don't know my time jet but I think it was a little bit above 20 miles per hour for 16 miles but is not official. The rest of the Saturday went for grocery shopping. On Saturday night I stayed up late watching the Pavlick Hopkins fight on the web. Hopkins at 43 kick the hell out of Pavlick in an amazing display of boxing. On Sunday I wake up late around 10 eat some breakfast and went to do my 14 mile run. The run was going find until mile 7 went my hip stated to hurt a little. I ran through the pain. Arrive mile 10 at the track and went for the last 4 miles at race pace. I was feeling great my hip hurting just a little bit. Then on mile 12 3/4 I had to run to the bathroom to explode. After that turn of event I lost my momentum my hip was hurting more so I just decide to run 1 more lap and run 13.1 in 1:50. As I did some additional stretching to find out what is may be causing the pain is either right aductor or my IT band because the pain goes from the outside of the knee all the way up to the out side of the hip. So a lot of ice and Alive for me and extra tapper for the next 2 weeks. As the time I am posting I don't feel that sore. After my long run I went home and of course watched Boca beat River 1 - 0 in a not exciting Futbol game. But the important thing was that Boca won. here are some pics of the game celebration.

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Rainmaker said...

Get better quick! I agree with ice and advil, best way to go!