Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend= training training

Yesterday I went to the baseball game to watch the Mets vs the Nationals. My experience was good. The stadium is really nice. The game was a baseball game so was burring but the Mets won 7-2. A few homers and a lots of hits. A volleyball, soccer or basketball game is better.

The weekend looks good as ill be trying to do 20 miles again (last weekend 19) on the run. The weather looks to be great so it will be colder 65 - 70 that better than 85 -90. Om Sunday I plan to put a few miles (40 - 50) on the bike and then head to the Capital Criterium as Christian Vande Velde and Jonathan Vaughters will be competing should be good. If I have time I will put a swim session.

The training the last 2 week has been really intense as I have been doing a long of long speed workouts for the marathon swim a lot and bike a lot in order to prepare for the Olympic tri next weekend.

The tri season is almost done for to all the people competing this weekend good luck


Shannon said...

Happy Training.....

Melanie said...

Thanks for agreeing with my media rant! :) Hope the 20-miler goes well this weekend.