Monday, September 8, 2008

New goals

After a disappointing weekend were my race was cancel in stead of continue with my frustration I decided to continue training. On Friday I swam 3000 around noon and in the afternoon I went for a 28 mile bike ride at high intensity. Since I don't want my season to end like that I sign in for 2 races at the end of the month an set a goal to 1. I sign in for Naylor beach Olympic distance race Sept 28 and for Giant Acorn sprint distance October 4. On Naylor beach I have a goal breaking 2:30. Since I have never been able to go under 2:32. I know is going to be hard because the bike is 26 mile not 40 km but I am preparing my self for that. for the Giant Acorn race I am just going to go there to have fun a lot fun...because the next day I ll be running 20 miles.

About my race cancellation yesterday I went to the race site.It was a really pretty. I make a 2 hour run around the area to at least enjoy it. My girl friend was doing Olympic distance. She finished second on her age group and the prize was a big bottle of wine. Congratulations to her. I did get my race shirt and socks. Being there you can feel that there was a lot of tension due to the cancellation of the race on Saturday. For me I pass the page already. I am focusing on my next races.

Hope every body have a great week and congratulations to those who completed Ironman Wisconsin and any other major race.


Tri*22 said...

Hey :) Congrats to your gf! Good for her, that's awesome. The weather there was great yesterday, glad she did well :)

It was a hard thing for me to swallow not being able to race the half, however, we ended up having a great weekend there in Williamsburg anyway:) I have moved on and am focusing as well. I have three more races this season that I am planning on :)

Glad you guys had a good weekend!

Shannon said...

Eric your girl did awesome, I gave a run down of how it went for me.