Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend and Olympics

After a great training weekend and of course the Olympics the week has began with more training and work.

The weekend training consisted of Friday watch the Olympics opening ceremonies (recorded) in the trainer. At night I started watching the cycling competition. Saturday mourning I went for a 13 mile run the hang out with some friends from the DC tri club at a BBQ. Went home took a nap and swam 2800 mts at the pool. On Sunday watch the Olympics early and then went to bike ride to skyline drive and put 32 miles. This training was for my up coming race this weekend at the Luray Olympic distance tri. Its hilly on the bike and I am not good hill climber. After the climb I went to my girlfriend house and helped her mom do the front yard by cutting the butches. After this modified training I was ready for some pizza and beer. Yesterday I went for 2600 mts of swimming and short but hard 2 mile run. As for the rest of the week my training will be “lighter” as I get ready for Luray on Saturday.

The Olympics are amazing what Michael Phelps is doing it just out of this world, the relay, the records it just great. Enjoy it why it’s last. In other sports the cycling competition was good and was amazing how to watch the city of Beijing from the sky. The video quality of NBC it’s really good. Well that the only good thing bout them. Because the commentators are bad. The volleyball competition on both sexes is at high a level if you have the chance to watch it you should. The same for beach volleyball, soccer and basketball. Track & Field begins on Friday

Peace between Georgia and Russia.

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